Brendan O'Connor

Brendan O'Connor

Software Engineer

About Me

A software engineer from Nairobi, Kenya.

My name is Brendan O'Connor. I have a masters degree in Computer Science (Interactive Entertainment Technology) from Trinity College Dublin (2015). I'm passionate about games development, artificial intelligence in games, learning new things and solving problems.

My interests also extend to web applications, gameplay programming and game design. I also enjoy investigating new programming techniques, languages, frameworks and development approaches.

I love adventure, coffee and a good story - be it from a game, book, movie or a friend. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to chat about anything you see here.

Recent Projects



A passion project bourne out of a love for rugby union and in particular Kenyan Rugby - which is missing a significant and reliable source of statistics and performance tracking for the local game. Ongoing project, hopefully a future platform for greater things and further development.



Group project at Trinity College Dublin where we developed a simple game where you could switch between wavelengths of light. Depending on what wavelength you were on, you would encounter enemies that could only attack you if you were on the same wavelength as them.
The project was geared towards learning more about SCRUM and Agile development in a group as opposed to working on your own individual projects.

See it on Github

Other Projects

Machine Learning in Javascript

Playground for learning machine learning concepts and implementations in Javascript based on the material and tutorials of laboriosam

View on Github

WebGL demos and experiments
WebGL ThreeJS

Messing around with WebGL and the ThreeJS library. Based on tutorials and examples from laboriosam among others

View on GitHub

C/C++ OpenGL

Individual project for first semester at Trinity College Dublin.

View on GitHub

Space Shooter!
C# Unity3D

Individual project for first semester at Trinity College Dublin.

View on GitHub

Work Experience

Co-Founder & Lead Developer - Boilerhouse Digital (2014 - Present)

A company started with the aim of developing software solutions for Kenya's emerging market. Still a young company, with work currently ongoing on several internal projects as well as some recent launches (Covered and Metrik).

Software Engineer - M-Farm (2013 - 2014)

Worked as a Software Engineer on both backend data collection and analysis as well as frontend design, primarily worked with Rails, web services (for an SMS service) and other web technologies.

Software Developer - Squad Digital / OgilvyOne (Kenya) (2012 - 2013)

Worked on projects for multiple clients, primarily corporates. Required flexibility moving from PHP frameworks and NoSQL databases to experiments with Unity3D and Microsoft Surface and Kinect to writing simple semantic analysis of tweets.

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